What Is Pigeon Needle Strip And How Do We Use It?

Pigeon needle strip is a method of pigeon repellent that purports to be successful and humane. One of the best ways to prevent a pigeon infestation of your property is to prevent the birds from roosting in the first place. Pigeons like to roost on flat surfaces and once they find somewhere suitable it won't be long before there are hundreds of birds taking up residence and creating a huge mess that will cost hundreds of dollars to clean up. Anyone suffering from a flock of pigeons may well wonder what is pigeon needle strip and how do we use it?

As the name suggests pigeon needle strip is simple a strip of spikes that may be attached to any area vulnerable to pigeon roosting. The needles, or spikes, will act as a prickling fence and prevent the birds from finding a comfortable roost. In order to permanently remove pigeons from your property it is usually necessary to carry out some kind of modification to the building area that will prevent the birds from gaining access to their preferred roost. Causing the birds discomfort will encourage those birds already in residence to find alternative roosting sites and prevent new birds from taking up residence.

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